Stories You Always Tell

You already know the one about how I wanted to trip Micah during our first marathon.

There’s also the one about how when Micah and I first met each other, both of us thought, “He/she is really cute. Too bad he/she is too young for me.” (Micah likes to say at least he was right. I’m 5 years younger than him.)

I often tell the story about how right after we moved to our 2nd New York apartment, we read in The New York Times that the apartment we had been living in was 1 block directly west of the “bloodiest block in Brooklyn.” Nice neighborhood.

Birth stories are also high on the list. Squish came after a desperate encounter with the hottest Indian food I could stand. The host at the restaurant took one look at me when I walked in and said he knew my type and he could help me with my problem. Thank goodness, he was right. Squish was born the next morning.

For obvious reasons, I like the one about how I challenged some of my family to train for a 5K with me and I ended up running a marathon. Nearly five years after that, I’ve finally gotten some of my family to join in the races. I have three brothers and two sisters running the half marathon tomorrow, another brother running the full marathon, and my dad is running the 5K– the first time he’s raced since his freshman year of college.

Speaking of which, I wonder what kinds of stories I’ll have to add to the family lore book after tomorrow’s race. Good ones, I hope.

What about you? What are your favorite stories you always tell?

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  1. I think I’ve most frequently told how at 18 months I cooked hot dogs by myself in the middle of the night. It’s not so funny now that my little guy’s growing up way too fast!


    lizzie Reply:

    Congrats Katy! Your little boy is adorable. And they do grow amazingly quickly.

    Hilarious that you cooked your own hot dogs. I think Squish is a handful right now at about 18 months, but he’s a long way from figuring out how to cook a hot dog!


  2. Lizzie…hope you are enjoying Utah. Hope you are feeling well now that the race has come and gone…. Congrats. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    Hey Lindsay, we’re having a good time here, even though things didn’t turn out as well as we hoped with the race. It’s nice to have it done with and be able to relax and rest for a few weeks.


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