National Running Day

It turns out that today is National Running Day. I had heard this a few weeks ago, but forgotten. And I call myself a runner! Or maybe that should read: And I call myself a runner?

I think a good way to celebrate National Running Day is to go for a run. And maybe bring a friend along with you. Maybe your spouse or son or daughter. I think it would be a great way to spend 10 or 15 or 20 or 60 minutes of your day: sharing some time with someone you love, doing something that may be challenging or may be relaxing, but in either case allows you to shut out everything else for just a little while. Do you agree?

I was out the door before any of my boys were awake this morning. I did the last tempo run of my training schedule — just 3 miles at about a 6:55 pace. But maybe I’ll take the boys to a nearby park later today. There’s a little path — less then 1/4 mile — that runs in a circle around a patch of grass and last time we were there, Manchild ran around it, fancy free and loving it. Maybe he’d like to do it again, and bring me and Squish along with him.

Here are some other ideas for celebrating National Running Day.

Or you can post in the comments your reasons for running, your running goals, your best running moment, or maybe just a time you wished you could run away.

I’ll start:

I run to relieve stress, to challenge myself, to take care of my body, to set an example for my kids, to spend time with my family, to enjoy all types of weather and scenery and places, to achieve goals, and to be good at something. I love the feeling of completing a hard run and knowing I gave it my best, but I also love it when I’m able to take it easy and run and talk with a friend and learn more about them.

My goals are to finish this marathon in less than 3:30, and to keep running until I’m old.

My best running moment was  . . . hmmmm . . . when I finished the first leg of the Ragnar last year and realized I’d been running at a sub-8:00 pace. Or maybe running to the beach last summer with Micah and the boys in the stroller.

And one time I wished I could run away when we went to our library branch’s story time the first time in our new neighborhood. It was right after lunch, and I’d only planned to stay for a few minutes. But there were several other families with kids close to the same age as the boys and I wanted to get to know them. We stayed for story time, and then they brought out some toys. Manchild started putting all of the cars in a line. He’d been at it for a while when another little boy started to take some of the cars (there were probably 20), and Manchild totally freaked out. He was tired. It was naptime. And I could not get him to calm down. He screamed and screamed and screamed. I put Squish in the sling, grabbed the books that I still needed to check out, and tried to get Manchild to come with me. Another mom eventually took my books to the check-out desk so I could drag my screaming 3 1/2 year old. I think when we finally got out of there, every single patron and worker breathed a collective sigh of relief to have us gone. I dragged Manchild three blocks to our apartment, but what I really wanted to do was ditch him and run far, far away.

Enjoy your National Running Day, please. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go roll out my legs. You know, just to get into the spirit of the day.

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  1. i love to run because I feel strong, beautiful and healthy when I do. I love the feeling of getting faster and better with every run, and enjoying the great outdoors. I hate (loathe, rather) running on the treadmill, I am grateful that it is getting warm enough to run outside again.

    My current motivation is a half marathon I’m running in the summer.

    My best running moments were in high school when I was voted the fasted girl on the team (soccer) and even my coach wanted to race me, but I of course beat him too! 🙂 Also when I won the races I ran in track( i did the 400m).

    Lately I’ve become more of a middle distance runner and I like that more than short and fast because it gives me more alone time. :0) But I do them both just so I can get faster.

    Got the giftcard in the mail. Thanks! Let us know when you are out here we would love to see you! We could take our kids to the park or something!


    lizzie Reply:

    Good to hear you got the card. We’ll be in town next week. We’d love to see you and your little people!

    I didn’t know you were a runner in high school. Way to go beating the coach.


  2. Ok, so, I run because it forces me to breath. Adoption stuff makes me hold my breath too much and really, running is one of the main ways to make me take good strong breaths.

    Motivation? I think of myself about 12 years ago (I was very sick). And, I’d like to think of my old self, willing my present self – on. To run more and enjoy using my body.


    lizzie Reply:

    You are an inspiration, Misty. That’s for sure.


  3. *breathe


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