Just for the Record

Mosquitoes are scary.

The food pyramid no longer exists. Probably for the best. It was pretty darn ugly.

Anything with wheels is beyond awesome.

So are LoveSacs, and uncles that will throw you onto them.

Oh, and trampolines, pianos, dishwashers and Grandma and Grandpa’s bag of balls, bats, and racquets.

I ran once this week (so far) and it felt good. Good to only go once and good to get a run in after the marathon.

I’ve joined the BlogHer ad network (hence the blue bar on the top of the blog — it’ll be there for a few months while I’m initiated).

It’s easier to be patient with crying children when you are on vacation.

Sometimes it’s nice to go to bed before midnight. Even when you are on vacation.

I highly recommend Discovery Gateway children’s museum if you are in the Salt Lake Valley for any reason.

And . . . that’s all. Have a good weekend!

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  1. Does Discovery Gateway accept the Cool Culture Card?!


    lizzie Reply:

    Sadly, no, but they do take the “Grandma’s Treat” voucher. 🙂


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