Friends, I have some sad news. Micah is injured. Runner’s knee has been plaguing him for the past few weeks, and as a result, he’s done hardly any running. Our fingers are crossed that all will be well by the end of the month and he’ll be able to get a few more weeks of training in. In the mean time, he is icing and stretching and popping anti-inflammatories.

Oh, and playing Ultimate frisbee, pain-free.


We’re not exactly sure how running is different from running while chasing a frisbee, but apparently it is different enough to keep Micah’s knees from acting like they are 100 years old. Maybe it was using sprinting muscles. Maybe it was the softer surface of the playing field. Maybe it was that he was so focused on getting that disc that he was able to shut out any pain.

Whatever it was, hooray. Because it allowed him to run for 90 minutes when he hadn’t been able to go more than a mile without feeling those knees. And that means he’s able to keep up his fitness level even if he’s not training.

Again, hooray.

Which brings me to the point of this post: Injuries are a pain. They are scary and annoying and need special care. But they don’t necessarily mean you are broken. There is usually something you can do to maintain your fitness while you nurse your injury: swimming, cycling, yoga, weight-lifting, tennis, Ultimate frisbee. You might be surprised at what you can do. I know Micah was.

*If it hurts to do something, don’t do it. If it keeps hurting, see a doctor. That’s my advice. Take it or leave it.

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