Rainy Running Days

It’s been raining all week here. Off and on and on and off. Sometimes pouring, sometimes misting. At the beginning of the week I thought, “It had better not rain when we’re running the marathon.” Because, remember? We’ve done that already. It’s not that fun. Then again, running 26.2 miles isn’t necessarily “fun” either. I mean, it’s exciting. It’s challenging. It’s satisfying. And, sure, there are parts of it that are fun (the start line, the finish line), but mostly it’s an exercise in perseverance. And strength and speed and endurance and mental toughness. All of those wonderful qualities.

It may also be an exercise in being present and enjoying the moment. Which, oddly enough, I’ve found to be much easier if you just add water. Which is to say, I’ve run in the rain a couple of times this week and it wasn’t that bad. I forgot to worry about how fast I was running. I forgot to count down the quarter miles until I would be done. I forgot to wonder if it was going to ruin everything if this run was a few seconds faster or slower than what my training plan prescribes. I forgot to think about how many more days I have to run, or about how many weeks we’ve been training. I just ran.

And thus it was that I realized what a good distraction rain is from the things that make running less fun for me. It saved me from my over-thinking and allowed me to run in the moment. I enjoyed it. When I got home and peeled off my soggy clothes, I took a warm shower and was finally dry. And it felt so good.

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  1. LOVED this post. I too can be thinking of a million and one other things while I am running than actually just enjoying the run and being in the moment.


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