Welcome Back.

Welcome back, Sun. It’s good to see you again and feel the warmth of your shining personality. We’ve missed you. Please, make yourself at home. Stay awhile.

Welcome back, Running Shorts. I apologize for the neglect of the past few months. I really do like you better than the baggy yoga pants. Lots better. (In fact, shhhh!, don’t tell the yoga pants, but I’m thinking of putting them in storage before too long.)

Welcome back, Spring Runners. We’ve been keeping the park loop warm for you. Hope your hibernation was lovely and restful and that the cobwebs are easily dusted from your joints and muscles. Sometimes it’s nice to have the park more or less to ourselves, but it’s nice to have some company, too.

Welcome, New Babies, you who are taking your first spin in jogging strollers that have been dusted off — or purchased — just so Mom and Dad can share a little bit more of the world with you. It is a lovely world, after all. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, but don’t be afraid to lace up your shoes and try out the pavement a little bit on your own in few years. Or decades.

Welcome to the new matchy-matchy RunningDuds that haven’t seen the light of day since Christmas morning. We hope you get nice and smelly before long.

Welcome back, Birds and Insects and Flowers. We’re glad you could join us, too. Just when I thought the world would be silent and gray forever, you’ve graced us with your presence and made my life a little bit more colorful, more cheerful. I’m looking forward to seeing more of you around.

Welcome back, Running Shoes. I hope you didn’t feel neglected, being stashed at the back of the closet for several months. My advice: don’t hold a grudge. Be kind to the feet that abandoned you. They may have ditched you for a while, but they’re more likely to come back for more if you don’t rub them the wrong way.

Welcome back, Spring. We love having you. You add a little bit of warmth to this city and suddenly it’s like a party everywhere we go.

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  1. Love this post, Lizzie.
    The sunshine yesterday was amazingly rejuvenating. I couldn’t believe how good I felt…
    I love spring. And, since this is a blog about running, I love running in the springtime.


    lizzie Reply:

    Thanks Lindsay. Running in the springtime does make me feel like new. Even though I’ve been running all winter, too.


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