New Beginnings at Age Four

At 7:02 this morning, Manchild came into our room. He was fully dressed. He’d been playing with his trains for approximately 40 minutes. But it was breakfast time now, and he was hungry. (We are ever so grateful for a child who tells time and knows not to wake us up until 7:00.) Not to mention that his little brother was crying and he couldn’t get him out of the crib on his own.

Manchild is turning 4 in a few days, and can I just say that I’m really, really grateful for a little boy who makes me look like a good mom? I love that kid. He taught himself to read. He taught himself to write. He asks interesting questions. He is thoughtful and careful and helpful. He likes to laugh and play and learn new things. He is excited to go new places. He is observant and meticulous but also spontaneous and adaptable. And I just kind of follow his lead. That’s all. He knows the moves and I just have to keep up. Somehow I get credit for it. Here’s hoping I don’t ever trip him up.

And here’s hoping he has a wonderful birthday — and a wonderful fifth year of life. Lately he’s been talking like he is getting a blank slate, a new beginning for his birthday. “I have never been to Coney Island when I was four years old,” he’ll say. Or, “I have done that when I was three and a half, but not when I was four.” I love it. Truth be told, I have never been to Coney Island when I was 27. It’s probably much different than when I went at 23. I should probably go again and experience it anew with the wisdom of my added years.

Anyway, both boys are sleeping right now. I finished making dinner already (cauliflower mac and cheese — a recipe will be forthcoming). When they wake up, we’re going to a museum and then Micah will meet us when he gets off work so we can do some very special birthday shopping. Actually, we’re just getting cupcake liners and food coloring, because you can’t have rainbow colored cupcakes if you don’t have cupcake liners and food coloring. And can you have a small child’s birthday party without cupcakes in this day and age? I think not.

(Just for the record, Manchild insists on having a “rainbow” party, much to his father’s dismay. Micah tried to get him to do a pizza party so we could tell all the kids to dress up as their favorite pizza topping, but Manchild would not be dissuaded. Micah is trying to think of it as a “colors” party instead of a “rainbow” party, because colors are cool but rainbows are not. Or something.)

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  1. So… is a site with the cutest cupcake wrappers!!! I know, I’m sort of a dork, but they just make me want to throw a party! I hope Manchild has the happiest 4th birthday!!!!


    lizzie Reply:

    He had a lovely birthday, Kareena. And he’d love to tell anyone all about it if they’d let him. Those cupcake wrappers are fancy!


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