Jack Rabbit Run Show Re-Cap

It was totally worth dragging the boys to Jack Rabbit’s run show on Friday. And totally worth spending all day there on Saturday. I came back with pages and pages of notes, a pretty awesome goodie bag (thanks to my VIP blogger status), a pair of $45 running shorts (which I paid $10 for), and lots of motivation and things to think about for running and for life. I could — and probably will — spend weeks recounting the many things I want to share with you all. But today, I’ll give you a quick re-cap.

First, the Vibram booth was kind of a lifesaver. And an annoyance. The treadmill they had was child-safe and my children loved it. Which meant that pulling them away from it so other people could have a turn, or I could go listen to something interesting, was cause for the standard wet-noodle collapse, followed by much wallowing on the floor, tears, and attempts to dodge Mom on the way back to the beloved treadmill. But I could see the appeal. If I could get that kind of treadmill, I think I would.

I tried on some Bikilas at Vibram as well. The uppers were super soft and breathable, although it felt kind of weird to have my feet enclosed, since I’m more of a Classics kind of girl. When I first saw the Bikilas I was skeptical. To be honest, I thought it was a bit of a sell-out.

Now that I’ve tried them, I’ve changed my tune. I’m still in love with the Classics because I love the openness of them, but I would consider Bikilas for winter, or if that annoying bruise under the big toe on my right foot continues to cause me pain whenever it finds a pebble.

I hadn’t seen the child-sized Vibrams, but I’m kind of excited about them. The smallest they come in is a size 10, which Manchild should be wearing next year. Not sure if he will actually need them any time soon, but it’s fun to know they exist.

New Balance also had a treadmill where they recorded you running and then analyzed your form for you. Very helpful. Very, very helpful. More on that later.

Micah and I went to Scott Jurek’s lecture on Saturday. He spoke about training for ultra-marathons, and applying training techniques from ultras to the normal, run-of-the-mill marathon and half-marathon. I think I learned more new words from him than I did from anyone else: specificity, slacklining, proprioception, eccentric strength. He was also kind enough to sign a picture for us (“Never say never, always dig deep. Scott Jurek”) and pose with us for our own digital memorabilia.

We enjoyed the comic tension at the barefoot panel between the long-haired, t-shirt clad barefoot dude and the closely groomed, suit-wearing sports doctor. There were some shoe developers from Saucony and New Balance too, but they didn’t make funny faces or engage in passive-aggressive PowerPoint clicking.

I visited a physical therapy booth and had it confirmed to me that my “injury” is probably not tendonitis or a stress fracture, but possibly a tension knot that just needs to be massaged to death. Ice massaging has commenced.

My regrets: I was so nervous about taking the boys with me on Friday (and didn’t even know if I’d be able to make it at all until late Thursday night) that I didn’t even think to invite any friends (what kind of a blogger/runner/friend am I, anyway?!). Next year, people. We’ll make a day of it. 🙂

My complaints: security guards at every turn! You’d think we we at the UN or something. Seriously, we had three people ask to see our wristbands every time we went upstairs. But the volunteers were very helpful and enthusiastic, which balanced out the over-zealous security a bit.

And also, the food offerings were surprisingly slim. There was one booth selling scones, cookies, and coffee. As someone who was there nearly the entire time, I wished they had a greater variety of choices and was glad I brought my own food.

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  1. Looks great! I can’t wait to hear more about it.

    I went on my first run in months today. It was heavenly (in an “Ow this hurts” and “why is that jiggling like that?” kind of way)


    lizzie Reply:

    Heather, I have a hard time believing you’ve ever had a “why is that jiggling moment.” But hooray for running again. It hurts so good.


  2. Totally curious about the running panel and all the passive aggressiveness between the barefoot dude and the doctors and what, if anything, interesting the Saucony folks had to say (that’s been my brand for years now).
    PS Micah has converted Nate to Vibrams, so I’ve got to do the research now to see if I can become converted myself. The way I see it is that you can’t buy them until you are fully converted….


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