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We love our BOB Ironman. We love it so much that we bought it twice. We have no complaints about it because it is what it is and it does what it does and it has met our expectations for what a jogging stroller should be for fairly serious amateur runners who have two kids, a small space, and no place to park.

Which is to say: our stroller seats two, it folds up fairly easily and compactly and is relatively lightweight. It has a fixed front-wheel, which is great for running, not so great for shopping or moving through tight spaces. The wheels are pretty big for a smooth, quick ride. And the boys regularly fall asleep in there, so I think it is comfortable for them as well. It also has a pretty good sized basket underneath — which makes taking all the stuff we need for a beach trip possible — and large sunshades for the boys.

There are challenges associated with it that have more to do with where we live than with the stroller. Like stairs. And narrow hallways. And a couple of really heavy doors. Still, I can’t imagine what we would do without it and I dread the day we won’t be able to use it any more. I can only hope that Manchild will be able to join us for a mile or two before many years have passed and running time can still be family time.

But enough about me and my stroller. We’ve been there and done that before. I (and other people I know) would like to know about your jogging strollers. Why did you decide on the one you have? What are its benefits? Anything you would change? If you could do it again, what would you get? No detail is too small. These are important decisions and should be made with as much information as possible. Spill, please.

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  1. I have a Schwinn Turismo. I really love it, though I would make the basket more accessible. It has a stability bar for the frame across it, but it makes it hard to get in. I bought it because it was the best jogging stroller that fit my price range. It got great reviews. It has a swivel wheel that locks with a lever by the handle. That’s pretty slick. The maneuverability of a swivel wheel, but easily locked to turn it into a jogger. It also came with a sheepskin pad for the wee one to sit on that is oh so soft. I like that and also the big sun shade. It’s a bit huge, but that’s just how joggers are. It definitely doesn’t go inside really well, but I love it anyway. Maybe someday I’ll buy a little umbrella stroller for going to tight places, but this works wonderfully for the moment at the price tag was under $200. I couldn’t spring for a Bob or Phil & Teds, but turns out this one is pretty good anyway.


    lizzie Reply:

    Thanks Jolena. I’m sure that the people I know who are in the market are grateful for another evaluation as well. We have several friends who have Schwinns, so it seems like it is probably a solid choice.


  2. We got a used Baby Jogger City Series double stroller on Craigslist after I had Anna. We’ve been so happy with it! The front wheels can swivel or lock with the turn of a switch. You can honestly steer the stroller easily with one hand, which is so nice. The seats lay back all the way and the sun shades can go all the way down. The storage is decent, but I actually made a bag to strap on the handle because it was easier than reaching down into the huge pockets on the back of the seats. It is really heavy to carry or lift into the car. But I haven’t had any problems with it getting through doorways or being too overly huge while indoors. We have really loved it and I plan to use it a lot more while running this summer!


    lizzie Reply:

    One handed steering capabilities? That’s awesome! I have to do a pop-a-wheelie with the BOB if I want to make a quick turn. Thanks for posting your thoughts.


  3. We have a single BOB Ironman as well and absolutely ADORE it. I throw our youngest in it while the others are in preschool and kindergarten. We’ve had it for years, but it still runs great–hard to imagine marathon training without it…

    I was excited when Christy told me we’re running the same race. It sounds like your training is going amazingly well! You’ll probably be home and showered by the time I finally finish, but hopefully I’ll bump into you anyway. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    Thanks for the additional thoughts about the Ironman. It’s good to get a second opinion.

    I hope we run into each other at the race! I’m sure I won’t be home and showered by the time you get in. I have several siblings running the half, and they are likely to be at it for a while. 🙂 Can we plan to meet up at the finish?


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