Tuesday Training: Let’s Not Be So Exclusive

We’re mostly better. Squish is better. I’m almost better. Manchild is getting better. Micah never had the pleasure of experiencing this particular illness, and because of his good fortune he is taking care of the laundry situation tonight. It’s not pretty, folks. Not pretty at all.

Despite not being 100%, I went out for my first run of our marathon training this morning. (Is anyone ever really 100%?) It went well. Although I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been running this month (thanks, Run Bike Swim Cook Challenge!), I actually felt pretty good. Better than normal, in some ways. Yeah, I kind of worried about losing last night’s dinner, but my legs felt great. My body felt great. Thanks, Run Bike Swim Cook Challenge! I’m going to blame/credit that little endeavor for getting me in better shape than running alone can get me.

It’s been a long time (like, pre-Manchild) since I’ve done any serious cross-training. Yeah, we dabble in things here and there, I go to yoga when I can, but mostly, I stick to running — to the detriment of my overall fitness. I’m hoping that this RBSC experiment will help me turn that around because I know that cross-training can help prevent injury. It can help me run faster. It can keep me from getting burned out of running, especially now that we’re in marathon training mode.

So here’s this week’s tip: Don’t be so exclusive with your exercise. Keep (or add) some sort of cross-training to your schedule. Do some strength training at the end of a couple of runs each week. Swim once a week if you have access to a pool. Go to yoga when you can. Take up rowing. Learn to fly on a trapeze. Balance yourself a little bit better. Even if you have to cut back on your running a little bit, your body (and your race times) will thank you.

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  1. No way, you’re going to do the UV Marathon, too? I totally want to introduce you guys, vicariously, to my brother and his wife. I’ve been convinced you’re long-lost best friends ever since getting to know you . . .

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better!


    lizzie Reply:

    Christy, we’ve signed up for the UV marathon and everything. I’d love to meet your brother and his wife. I’m sure we can arrange a get-together after the race. If we can still walk, that is.


  2. You’ve inspired me. I need to change up my exercise routine. Not that I’m training for anything at the moment, but I look forward to the time when I can really focus on a race. Glad you’re feeling better too!


    lizzie Reply:

    Well, you’re kind of training for childbirth . . . not to mention being a new mom. That’s some pretty intense work. 🙂


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