Tuesday Training: Enjoy the Elements

On Friday I came home from my run and stomped my feet on the floor until they stopped throbbing from the cold. The boys thought it was hilarious, but Micah could empathize. And yesterday was such a lovely day I almost took the boys out in the BOB. Almost, but not quite. I rode the stationary bike instead and was wiped out from a couple of late nights/early mornings/being kicked out of my bed by a little boy so the BOB stayed in the corner.

I suppose this could be said of any season, but I’m going to say it about this season right now: We’re nearing the time when the weather will almost never agree with your running schedule. Last month I mentioned keeping running on the radar through the cold months. Now that things are warming up (it’s looking to be 60+ here on Friday), I’m encouraging you to take it to the next level. One day will be too cold, another day it might rain or snow. And then comes an absolutely lovely day that you just want to enjoy and not get sweaty. Or maybe the weather will be dreamy and you’ll be itching to get out when the child napping in the next room interrupts your reverie by moaning in fevered delirium, “Mo-oooom. I want to be a piraaaaate.”

Which makes me wonder: How often do you let the weather become an excuse not to run (or walk or bike or get outside and do something)? I don’t have any hard and fast rules when it comes to running weather vs. non-running weather. Some of my most memorable (and enjoyable!) runs have been in the cold or the wet or the heat or the humidity. Sometimes it feels like a challenge to overcome, sometimes it feels like the wind beneath my proverbial wings. Often I come back feeling alive, validated, energized, and fulfilled.

But aside from that are matters of practicality. If you are training for something, you can only miss so many runs before it’s going to impact your performance on race day. And even if you are lucky enough to train during a stretch of moderately good weather, there’s no guarantee race day is going to be as lovely. (We ran our 2nd marathon in the rain.) Best prepare yourself for anything.

This Tuesday’s tip: learn to love the weather. Challenge yourself to go out when you would normally say, “It’s too ______ (hot, cold, wet, dry).” Be smart about it, of course. (Maybe the snow is too deep, maybe the ice is too slick.) Be prepared. But let it spice up your training rather than ruin it.

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  1. “We ran our 2nd marathon in the rain.”
    You are not giving yourself enough credit… You ran your 2nd marathon in a torrential downpour/tsunami/hurricane without a hat! And you placed in your age group, right?

    ah! memories!


    lizzie Reply:

    You’re right. I should try to be more honest. 🙂


  2. i love that i am reading this while procrastinating going on a run…in 50 degree weather. that’s it! i’m going!


    lizzie Reply:

    I hope it was lovely. I think I’m going to miss the 60 degree day tomorrow. 🙁


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