Today I . . .

Woke up at 6:20. On purpose.

Almost lost a few toes on my morning run. Never fear, they are fine now, but I wondered, for a moment, what frostbite is like.

Finished the running portion of the RBSC challenge. (Don’t forget this week’s cooking challenge! Or to e-mail me your stats and recipes on Sunday! lizzie (at) themotherrunner (dot) com.)

Finally unpacked from our trip last week.

Made brownies with the Manchild and managed to not eat any of the batter. (I don’t know what has gotten into me.)

Laughed at this line in The Pickwick Papers: “His wardrobe was extensive — very extensive — not strictly classical, perhaps, nor quite new, nor did it contain any one garment made precisely after the fashion of any age or time, but everything was more or less spangled; and what can be prettier than spangles!” Indeed, Mr. Dickens, indeed.

Accidentally dressed us all in red shirts. (Actually, Manchild picked out his own shirt, so the matchiness was not entirely my fault.)

Was chastised by Manchild for taking pictures when I was supposed to be playing a game with him.

Was told, “I’m busy,” when I asked Manchild if I could make it up to him by playing a different game.

Let Squish ride in the stroller and wear his backpack because he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s all grown up now and will be moving to his own pad by the end of summer, I’m sure.

Read the boys a story from the latest Runner’s World. They were entranced.

Heard Squish say, “Backpack,” “Jesus,” and “Thank you” for the first time.

Mistook a lost mitten for a dead rat on the sidewalk. (Not the first time this has happened. Almost certainly not the last, either.) Mistook a dead pigeon for a . . . something else.

Felt a surge of unidentified emotion as I walked by a laundromat and saw the words “Mubarak Resigns” on the tv.

What was your Friday like?

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  1. Squish is speaking? What am I doing? I haven’t seen you guys in like a week and I’m already missing words, and transitioning to the stroller. I don’t know if I can handle all that.


    lizzie Reply:

    I don’t know about transitioning to the stroller just yet. Squish seems to be down with it, but I’m not sure I am. I like wearing him. So I don’t think you’re missing too much, Abby.


  2. Every time the temperature goes above freezing I pull out my shoes and try again. And come home almost crying from the pain. I pretty much have resorted to “normal” running shoes for the time being, because last time hurt so much. Cold! The socks just don’t cut it.


    lizzie Reply:

    Two pairs of socks work better than one. But I am often surprised how well my feet handle the cold most of the time. Still, I don’t blame you, Christy, for using normal shoes. They do have their benefits for sure.


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