A friend of mine was kind enough to point out to me today that I had something white on my face. It was skin. I got burned. I’m peeling. Turns out that the sun is just as dangerous in January as it is in July. Who knew? Aside from the sunburn and a minor case of dehydration, our trip was lovely. I’d say we feel rejuvenated, except that we both sleepwalked through yesterday and the two days between when we got home and the weekend have seemed nearly insurmountable.

Try as we might to just jump right back in to daily life, it’s not quite happening as smoothly as we would have hoped. Case in point: I was feeling pretty awesome about getting the boys out the door before 9:00 this morning to go to Give Kids a Smile Day at a local hospital until I got a call from the pediatricians office wondering if we were going to make it to the appointment that we were already 5 minutes late for.


But at least we have good things to look forward to this weekend: meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in six years, Winter Jam at Prospect Park, a run with a new running buddy. If I’m lucky, I might even make some headway on the Ironman/Ironchef challenge.

I wish you all a lovely weekend . . . and I hope you manage to avoid that feeling of, “Ack! I completely forgot about that important appointment/meeting/event/thing I promised to go to!”

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