I Almost Feel Guilty

But it really was their fault. Unless they meant to do it, and then everyone won and I don’t feel one bit bad about it. You see, I’ve been in the market for a weather shield for the stroller since before Christmas, when there was so little snow that it seemed like I could actually push the stroller wherever I went, if only I had a way to keep the boys warm enough. And then Christmas came, and then the blizzard, and navigating a duallie down the sidewalk became a joke. Getting a weather shield went on the back burner. But we’ve had enough warmish days lately that the snow is mostly gone. And we finally got around to depositing our Christmas money. And marathon training was fast approaching. Getting a weather shield was back on the priority list.

However, they retail for $65. That seems like a lot of money to me. I did not want to pay it. I found a few places selling it for $50 or $55, but they were perpetually out of stock. And forget about finding a used one. Then, magically, a seller on Amazon.com had it for $40. Well, $39.99, but whatever. No additional taxes. No shipping charges. Sold! I couldn’t believe it. I kept thinking it was actually a shield for a single, and so I went back to check. Several times. And sometime after my order shipped, the price changed. To $59.97. Either I snuck in on the back end of a really great deal, or I got super lucky. I don’t care what it was, I’ll take it.

The package was scheduled to come today. We waited all day for it to come. It didn’t arrive until after dinner. Arg. But whatever, it’s here, it fits and the boys were thrilled to get the stroller out again. We’re taking them out tomorrow for a 10-miler. I’m so excited. I’m pretty sure they are, too.

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  1. so so cool!!! it would be so much fun to be a kid hanging out in a shielded stroller while your parents zip through the park.

    i told erik i want a bob, but i have to have a weather shield with it. i’ll show him this post. 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    Carrie, I’m pretty sure it’s awesome to be a kid in a stroller. The boys really seem to like it. Maybe the novelty will wear off, but I hope not any time soon.


  2. I’ve been wondering about whether you’d gotten a shield or not and have been keeping my eyes out for you on craigslist (I’m still looking for a used Duallie). You got a great deal and the boys look all ready to go!


    lizzie Reply:

    So far so good on the shield, Kathleen. The boys loved it. We didn’t love running up the hill with them quite so much, but I’m sure we’re stronger for it. 🙂

    Good luck finding a used duallie . . . they’re pretty tough to find. Actually, when we sold our single, we sold it to a lady who had just sold a duallie. If we’d been one day quicker, we could have done a trade and saved ourselves some money, but what can you do?


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