Are my thoughts ever actually connected?

Some unconnected thoughts on a Wednesday night:

You know it’s been a good, solid winter when a couple of days of near 40-degree weather feels like a heat wave. It’s a shame it couldn’t last. I’m hoping it really was a sneak peak of more warmth to come. I see a couple of days of plus-40 degrees in the 5-day forecast and I’m holding my breath that it doesn’t change.

I’ve been to the gym to ride the stationary bike a couple of times now. It was not humiliating, although after I completed the first 12-miler, I thought I must be doing it wrong. I came home and texted my sister: “It’s worse than the treadmill.” She begged to differ. Second time around was a little better. I used a different kind of bike. Maybe it will grow on me, but I think I need my iPod (or a book!) more than I ever could when I run on the treadmill.

In case you haven’t noticed the Facebook widget on the sidebar, there is a Facebook widget on the sidebar. The Mother Runner has a Facebook page. Sadly, this particular mother runner is Facebook illiterate and it may take me a while to make good use of it. But you can “like” it or “friend” it or whatever it is you fancy kids do these days.

I’ve started to make the effort to wake up at a certain time, rather than just waiting for the noise and the boys to wake me up whenever they will. I feel a little sheepish that I didn’t do that a while ago . . . like when I stopped waking up to nurse Squish in the middle of the night. Suddenly getting out the door at 9:30 is the easiest thing in the world. The goal is to eventually get up at 6:00, but I’m not there yet. Not mentally, not physically, not emotionally. (I really don’t know why the thought of waking up at 6:00 makes me emotional, it just does.)

And that concludes the unconnected thoughts for this evening. Tune in next time . . . .

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  1. Oh, man. I tried riding my bike to work last year. I thought I was in great shape from running, but that ride KILLED me. Totally different muscles.


    lizzie Reply:

    See, that’s why I think I’m doing it wrong. No soreness. At all. I was really hoping for some “hurt-so-good” pain, just to let me know that I am working different muscles. Maybe the stationary bike just isn’t similar enough to the real thing.


  2. My computer let me view your website, it’s a miracle! I totally agree with you about the 6:00 am thing. For some reason anything before 7:00 am is just too difficult right now. Some girls in my ward work out at 5:00 am and I just don’t think that would physically be possible for me.


    lizzie Reply:

    Hooray! I’m so glad you can see my blog! I keep thinking that life is going to push me closer and closer to the 5:00am wake-up/workout, and I’m trying my darnedest to prep for that. But maybe I can just keep having kids and claim that I can’t get up because I’m still nursing the baby. I think that is an excellent excuse for just about anything. 🙂


  3. from someone whose child often wakes at 5 am, please count your blessings!


    lizzie Reply:

    Oh, I do. I’d much rather have a kid who stayed up until mid-night, like Manchild sometimes does, than one that got up at 5. It’s nice that they work with my schedule that way. 🙂


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