Sno-Mocs and Kids’ Scarves

You know how sometimes you find something amazing and you think, “Why didn’t somebody tell me about this earlier?!” This doesn’t happen to me very often, which probably means either I have really great friends or I’m not easily impressed. It happens even less frequently that I think, “Wow! This is amazing! I need to share this with my friends.” This is most likely because I always think I’m the last to know about everything. But I have it on good authority — or maybe just from dozens of random strangers — that I am one of the few who are in the know about these blessed toddler booties — or Sno-Mocs. They are blessed because they keep little Squish’s toes so toasty. We’ll come in from walking around in the sub-freezing temperatures and I’ll take off these booties and his shoes and feel his warm feet and I’ll look towards heaven and say, “Thank you.”

I’m pleased as pup with them for so many reasons. Not only are they affordable ($28), not only do they go on over his shoes, not only do they fold up nicely so I can stuff them in the diaper bag, but they also provide protection up to his knees. This is key if you wear your baby in a carrier which causes his pants to ride up and random 12-year-old boys to come running after you saying, “Miss, Miss, the baby’s legs, the baby’s legs!” which, in turn, causes you to feel like an idiot. (I anticipate this kind of criticism help every time I leave the apartment and plan accordingly.)

I ordered them from, where I found them after much searching for soft-soled winter boots for toddlers. I ordered them the Monday before Christmas, knowing they wouldn’t get here in time for the big day, but was pleasantly surprised when they showed up in my mailbox with 48 hours to spare. They are made by Molehill Mountain, which makes all sorts of warm things for kids whose parents think that cold is no excuse not to kick them out of the house for a few hours each day who live in cold places. I anticipate that Squish will be able to wear them next year as well because they are plenty big for him.

And because we are in the stage of our lives in which Manchild becomes insanely jealous of his little brother if he doesn’t get the same amount of attention, allow me to tell you about Manchild’s schnazzy piece of winter-wear that people love to comment on. It’s his little blue scarf. It has a matching hat. Both were made by my ultra-talented niece a few years ago, when she was probably 10. People love to ooh and ahh over it, and ask me if I made it. I didn’t, but my niece informs me that I could, if I would just pony up $10 and buy one of these handy little looms. Maybe I’ll give it a try when the Manchild finally loves it to strings. Or Squish gets so jealous of the attention his brother is getting that he hides it. It could happen.

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  1. Thank you for the details! I’ll be buying those next fall!


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