It’s Fun to Run in the Cold, Cold Sun

I have good news. The days are getting longer. And if you think I mean that they only seem longer because it is so cold, you are mistaken. I know this because every day Manchild asks me what time the sun sets and what time it rises. We go to and check it out. And every day the sun sets one or two minutes later and rises one or two minutes earlier. Yesterday the sunset at 5:03. Today it was 5:04. Tomorrow it will be 5:05. Progress is progress.

We’ve been making progress in other areas as well: we’ve discovered we can run when it is colder than 20 degrees out. Both Micah and I went out on Saturday. He did about 8 miles and I did a little over 9.* (He had the disadvantage of having to get home so I could take Manchild to a birthday party; I had the advantage of having over an hour to kill while Manchild was at the birthday party, and the only thing to kill it with was a pair of running shoes.)

When I got home, we had a contest to see who had more layers. I had 6 on my torso and 3 on my legs. Micah had 5 on his torso and 4 on his legs, so it was a draw. We each had 3 on our feet, too: 2 pairs of socks and our shoes. Would you be disgusted if I told you we wore the same socks? If so, don’t read the next sentence. Micah took off the socks, let them dry on the radiator for a few minutes, then I took them and ran in them, too.

Micah got the losing end of a couple of things this weekend because aside from having to cut his run short, he also got to clean our room while I made delicious pizza. The upside (for him) is that I now am forever in his debt because our room feels about twice as big and we’re now 2 boxes away from being fully moved in. (Unless you count the pile of stuff that is now waiting to be taken to the thrift store some time in the next . . . 3 months.)

We also put together our first jigsaw puzzle as a couple on Saturday. It was a silent, but speedy, affair — completed in less than 2 hours and then promptly boxed back up and placed in the “to donate” pile. I assume it will be many more years before we do another.

And, finally, Manchild got his wish. He’s been pestering me for weeks to make Ratatouille’s ratatouille, so yesterday Micah and I (mostly Micah) put it together. And that is when Manchild realized that he should be careful what he wishes for. The six adults who ate it thought it was great. The two children wouldn’t touch it.

The moral of the story is that cold weekends can be good weekends. Hope yours was half as lovely, because even if it was just half, it would have been lovely indeed.

*In case you’ve been wondering, the widget on the left sidebar that tracks the latest runs is for both of us. Any runs that average sub-7:00 miles are Micah’s. I’m not that quick.

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  1. hey, I keep meaning to ask you, do you guys like the watch? I was thinking about getting the very same one and I am happy you have it because I can find out it you like it/feel it is worth it, etc.


    lizzie Reply:

    We were just talking about how I need to do a review of the watch. I’ll get on that and post it next week. Thanks for the reminder. The short of it is :so far I really like it.


  2. So glad you clarified that you didn’t indeed go running twice on Saturday!!! I thought you had taken a crazy pill. And I actually saw Micah running on Saturday…we were on our way home from the BCM. So impressed you guys made it out on such a chilllllly day and all for sharing socks- anything to reduce the laundry load right? I won’t even go into the measures we take to reduce the load 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    I try so hard to keep the laundry to the size of 2 washers. Lately I have been unsuccessful. I blame the winter. Hope you are having better luck, but I imagine with a new baby it is rather challenging.


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