Headed South

Micah and I are headed out of town tonight. Just the two of us. The boys will be here in the snow with Grandma while we find warmer climes for a few days. Don’t ask me how I feel about leaving them, unless you want an earful. Micah keeps telling me he thinks we should just relax and enjoy ourselves. I couldn’t agree more, in theory. But in practice . . . well, I just don’t know how I’m going to handle it. Yesterday, when Grandma’s flight was canceled, rescheduled, and then canceled again, I was torn between relief that we might not be able to catch our flight today if she didn’t get here, and fear that we might not be able to catch our flight today if she didn’t get here.

But she’s here now and so far the weather is looking like it will cooperate with our plans to be in Miami by midnight . . . or at least by sunrise. Our bags our packed, the refrigerator is stocked, and we’re signed up to run a 5K first thing in the morning. I am planning to breathe deeply until I am calm and serene. And if that never happens, I’ll just run until it’s time to get on the plane and come home. Or maybe it will take about two minutes for me to realize that it’s pretty awesome to be able to sit and read a book without someone climbing in my lap saying, “I want you, I want you. Mo-om, I waaaant youuuuu.”


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  1. so_jealous! Hope you are able to relax and enjoy the time to yourselves!! You guys deserve it!


  2. Have a wonderful time! I completely understand the hesitant anxiety, though. Paul and I have been talking about going to France and Belgium (his old mission stomping grounds) sans kids as a graduation celebration when he finishes pharmacy school. I love the idea of being there with just him while simultaneously hating the idea of being away from our kids for a few weeks.


  3. I understand your mixed feelings, I would likely feel that way myself, but I am also insanely jealous. enjoy it.


    lizzie Reply:

    Enjoy it we did . . . except for the part about forgetting that the sun can still burn you in January. Oops. My shoulders are not happy with me right now.


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