Weaning. Him and Me.

Squish is officially weaned. On Friday, after my morning run, I nursed him for about 15 seconds before he wriggled loose, ran to his high chair and didn’t look back. I said to myself, “I guess that’s it.” He hasn’t pressed the issue since then, and neither have I.

I feel pretty lucky that both of my boys basically weaned themselves. The process was gradual as one “scheduled” nursing after another bit the dust every couple of weeks until they were done. I never felt like I was withholding anything from them. Their interest just waned until it wasn’t really worth it to them any more, I guess. It hasn’t been too big of a deal for me, either. I’ve felt a little bit more emotional about it with Squish than I did with Manchild, even though Squish held on for about a month longer. I miss the little baby who would curl up and fall asleep on me so easily.

So now I’m curious. How has it been for you to wean your children? Hard? Painful? Easy peasy lemon-squeezey? And how has it been for you to adjust to having your body back after pregnancy/breastfeeding?

I find I’m less hungry. Not only because I’m not feeding someone else with my bodily fluids, but because I am aware that I’m not feeding someone else. Apparently, I’m in the habit of grabbing a bite to eat every now and then because I’m nursing. But now that I’m not nursing, I tend to stop with that bite of food halfway to my mouth and think, “I’m not hungry. I don’t even want to eat this.” And then I put it down. And then I back away. So now I’m learning to listen to my body tell me when it’s hungry again and I’m learning to listen to my child tell me when he needs some cuddle time.

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  1. My boys weaned themselves and never looked back but I was surprised both times how emotional it made me. My boys didn’t cry at all but I sure did. At the same time, I also loved having my body back all to myself. It was a strange mix of emotions, that’s for sure!


    lizzie Reply:

    It is indeed a strange mix. I find myself wondering all the time if he’s getting enough time with me, if he was really ready for that, if I should have tried to encourage him a little longer . . . but then again, it was him who walked away. And so I find myself thinking, “He’s not old enough to make that kind of decision!” And yet if he were “old enough” . . . it would be really creepy for him to still be nursing.


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