Six Years

It’s our sixth anniversary today. We’re going on a real date tonight to see Harry Potter and have dinner. I’m quite excited. Harry Potter 3 was the first movie we ever saw together, back before we started dating. We sat next to each other and I wondered if Micah might try to hold my hand. No such luck. Hand-holding didn’t come for another month or so, but it was worth the wait.

I’ve learned a lot from being married to Micah. He taught me how to rock climb, and how to cook, and how to cut hair. He taught me how to align groceries on the conveyor belt so that they are an orderly and efficient use of space.  He taught me how to play Ultimate Frisbee and how to run long distances. He taught me what typography is and about clean design (not that I’m very good at identifying it all the time, but at least I know what I don’t know). He taught me how to be a mom.

Okay, so what he really taught me is to not be afraid. He walked me through my first climb up a wall in Provo Canyon and didn’t mind when I botched the first haircut I gave him. He gave me a reason to branch beyond variations-on-a-theme-of-ramen and chocolate chip cookies. He threw a disc around with me until I felt confident enough to catch and throw in a real game. And he gave me a lot of gentle reminders in how to care for small children when I was too tired and overwhelmed to think straight. It’s nice to have someone at your side when you’re trying new things. It’s even nicer when they’re holding your hand.

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  1. Yay for love, happy anniversary!


    lizzie Reply:

    Thanks! We had a great date. It was so much fun.


  2. I love looking at this picture and thinking about how you haven’t changed at all, and yet you’ve changed so much. What an awesome six years. Here’s to sixty more awesome ones! … and then forever after that of course.


    lizzie Reply:

    Haven’t changed much . . . except that my haircut makes it look like I’m trying to pass for 40 . . . oh, and we got carded last night and the hostess was totally shocked to see Micah’s birth year. It was awesome.


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