It’s Friday, I’m in Love. (Sometimes. Sort of.)

Friday, I love you. You make all things seem possible. Yes, I can (did) go running first thing this morning. It’s Friday. Yes, I can do the laundry. It’s Friday. Yes, I can go Christmas shopping in the City with the boys today. It’s Friday. I can sleep tomorrow. I can rest tomorrow. It’s the weekend. Tonight Micah and I can stay up as late as we want and fold clothes and watch shows on Hulu and drink hot cider. Because it’s Friday. We made it through a tough week and now it’s time to breathe.

Or did we?

It’s Friday, but Micah still has to work late tonight. And Manchild has a school activity tomorrow. There’s a book signing in the City I want to take the boys to. It’s our turn to watch the kids for our baby-sitting co-op. I have packages to mail at the post office. And we have church meetings in the evening. Oh, and somewhere in there Micah may have to squeeze in a few more hours at work. So maybe we’ll just keep going, full steam ahead. We can catch our breath some other time.

Until then, maybe we’ll just pretend every day is Friday.

I wrote this earlier today, and then . . . well, let’s just say Friday’s tend to make me overly ambitious. Hahaha. Never a dull moment . . . that’s my motto. And please, someone with more experience than I have, tell me that the laughably unfunny days end when you no longer have children in diapers. Please?

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  1. On Friday Aidan never took a nap…but I didn’t know it until I came out of reading a book in the bathroom with the heater turned on high (only place that is warm and the heater blocks the noise/distraction).

    I found him standing in his crib and smiling – holding his diaper, which cradled a small blob of poop, carefully in his hands. It was funny and a little worrisome (luckily there were no obvious messes in the bed, but still now more laundry).

    Not sure I ever want these funny but crazy moments to end, although I’m curious about what the next stage of funny/crazy will look like.


    lizzie Reply:

    That was nice of him to keep the mess contained. I’ve heard many stories about kids taking their diapers off and not being nearly so clean about it.

    It is a lot of fun to go through these crazy times . . . even if sometimes I can only see it in retrospect.


  2. I jumped to the comments here to see if someone would affirm your hope that these kinds of days might end. No luck I guess.

    And just last week we had our first take off the diaper and leave the poop in the bed experience. I hope I never have to see that again.


    lizzie Reply:

    No luck indeed. Maybe everyone who reads this is in the same boat we are. 🙂

    I also hope it was a one time thing. Manchild didn’t take off his diaper, but he did stick his finger in it one time. He pulled it out and held it there until I came to help him. I think he was yelling, “Mom, what is this?!” for quite a while before I realized I should probably take a look at what was so interesting to him.

    It was pretty gross.


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