A Running Mom’s Wish List

I sent off all of the Christmas gifts to our out-of-state relations last week. Micah and I have spent two of the last four evenings doing some shopping — once in actual stores, once online — and our giving list is down to just a few items. I can’t even tell you how happy I am to be so on top of things this year. I feel almost like I’m a real mom now. Almost.

My own Christmas wish list has yet to be written. Part of me thinks, “I don’t really need anything. I’m fine. I can get all the books I want at the library, all the clothes I want from other people, and anything else is just clutter.” The other part of me thinks, “Where shall I start? In the kitchen? That’s a good place to start, right?”

But for the purposes of this blog, let’s start with the running. And end with the running. And let’s pretend that the sky is the limit and that running is all I ever do.

I would have to start with some stroller blankets. One for each of the boys. A friend of mine makes them. Her girls used them for several winters and never complained about the cold. Plus, they are made of high quality, earth-friendly materials. Bonus!

Although I know these stroller blankets are exceptionally warm, it might be nice to have some corn bags to heat up and put in the bottom of the blankets, just to be sure their little feet are toasty-warm.

And then, a weathershield. Am I a bad mom for not having a weathershield for the stroller? Or a bad runner? If it rains, I can’t go running, but if I’m running and get caught in the rain . . .  yeah. So it might be nice to have a weathershield, especially if I decide to take the boys out this winter.

That’ll do for the boys. But for me and Micah, I’m just getting started.

Any good runner needs a subscription to Runner’s World . . . for inspiration, motivation, cross-training tips, recipes, whatever.

And a Garmin. We’ve done a lot of research and we’re pretty sure the one for us is the Forerunner 405CX. Micah could tell you all the wonderful things about it, but the feature I like best is the one where I don’t have to plug it into the computer for it to upload the information. We talked to a guy at JackRabbit Sports about it and he said, “Get within 10 feet of your computer and the Garmin and the computer start talking about you. They decide you are pretty awesome.” I kind of like that idea.

A membership to a running club. We ran with Team in Training in Hawaii when we were training for the Anchorage Marathon and it was really great. I love the people we ran with and raised funds with. It was so nice to have a coach to push us through some of our workouts. In New York, a membership to New York Road Runners gets you access to running groups, cross-training fitness classes, discounted race fees, and entry into the New York Marathon if you fulfill some volunteer responsibilities.

Hats. One for summer, one for winter.

Pants/Tights. It might be nice to not have to layer my yoga pants with everything . . . or maybe I would still layer. I’d just feel sportier if I were wearing running tights.

Jacket. Ditto.

Sunglasses. Nice sleek, sporty ones like Micah has. Then I can check out the competition without them seeing the fear in my eyes.

Headphones. I don’t run with music often, but when I do, it would be nice to not have to keep poking my earbuds back in my ears. They’d be doubly nice for the treadmill, assuming I ever get there again. And I just found these little things that attach to earbuds to convert them to running headphones. Brilliant. They’re only $10 and they have good reviews on Amazon.

Anything you would add?

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  1. That Garmin sounds SWEET! (this is coming from the directionally-challenged)
    I think for me, I would like nice gloves. Do they make some that are specifically for runners? Maybe that’s a dumb question…I just got some headphones and I love them, but they don’t allow me to skip songs like the generic iPhone headphones do. OH! YES! A jogging stroller! THAT!


    lizzie Reply:

    I have some “running” gloves, but I often wear them and a normal pair of gloves when it is really cold. They are good for keeping the wind off my skin, but they aren’t really very warm. Of course, by the end of my run, I’ve often taken off the extra pair because my body has warmed up enough that my hands are hot.

    Oh, and the Garmin is definitely awesome. Well, I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard that’s awesome . . . maybe I’ll get the chance to test it out soon . . . .


  2. These are some great ideas. I’ve always wondered what a Garmin is– sounds amazing. I highly recommend the BOB weather shield. I bought a used one on Craigslist. It makes me feel so much less guilt for taking the baby out in inclement weather– it stays very toasty inside when the shield is on. Hope Santa is good to you this year!


    lizzie Reply:

    Used! Craigslist! Why don’t I think of these things? I’m going to start scouring eBay and Craigslist right now!


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