Next week there will be pies. Three of them. There will be rolls and mashed potatoes, a turkey, stuffing, egg nog, cranberry sauce. There will be all manner of tastiness. But before that, there will be the Trypto-Fun.

I have some friends who are as inclined as I am to start out the Thanksgiving festivities at a calorie deficit, and as disinclined as I am to spend copious amounts of money on the endeavor. We’ve organized a little pre-feast jaunt over the river and through . . . Chinatown? Yes, Chinatown. And then back over the river.

If you live in the City, and you will be here for Thanksgiving, and you like to walk or run or cheer people on, please join us! You can sign up for the Trypto-Fun here. It is free, although we are asking for a $2 donation to go towards little goodie bags and post-race apple cider and doughnut muffins. We will also have the fixins to make super-cool Trypto-Fun t-shirts*, as long as you provide your own shirt. The ink will be brown, so plan your shirt-color accordingly. Here are links to the running route (4 miles) and the walking route (2 miles). They start and end at Cadman Plaza, at the High Street stop on the A/C line at 8:30 am. The running route goes over the Manhattan Bridge, through Chinatown, and back over the Brooklyn Bridge. The walking route goes across the Brooklyn Bridge and back.

If you don’t live in the City, we will miss you. In the spirit of solidarity, I invite you to do your own Trypto-Fun, or turkey trot, or Pies and Thighs Dash, or something to enjoy this beautiful season and show gratitude for all you have.

*I may be able to post the t-shirt design in a few days if you are curious about it. It is professionally designed and will be stamped via woodblock to your shirt.

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  1. I had no idea that Over the River and Through the Woods was a Thanksgiving day song. Anyways, we are in! See you on T-day.


    lizzie Reply:

    Oh, good! I’m excited to see you there.


  2. Thanks for helping organize such a fun run. Your granola bars were fantastic. Are you thinking about posting the recipe?! They were delicious.


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