Today I am Thankful

I’m thankful I didn’t get in an accident today. And that I didn’t get lost. And that I was able to find parking spots everywhere I went — even if I didn’t park beautifully. It was my first time driving in Brooklyn since the night we moved here more than 3 years ago.

I’m thankful that the boys put up with our crazy schedule, that Manchild was willing to help out, that Squish doesn’t complain when he has to sleep in the car.

I’m thankful that the weather was gorgeous and warm enough that I didn’t have to get up early to go running without the boys. I took them out with me later in the day and we all enjoyed watching the sunset and the “shiny arrows” (airplane exhaust) in the sky.

I’m thankful for generous friends who go out of their way to help us when we need it.

I’m thankful that my husband is the kind of man who takes his responsibilities seriously — even when they come at great cost to his personal convenience.

I’m thankful that I like to do the things that I am good at and that I am good at the things I like to do.

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  1. parking….car….do tell!


    lizzie Reply:

    Yes, and I’m think it added to my gratitude that we don’t have a car . . . although it was fun to borrow for a few hours, and my last parking job would have not have made people cringe, like my previous 3 attempts did. So maybe some day I could handle it. Maybe. 🙂


  2. Yes, sometimes a car is a great convenience, but many times it’s much more relaxing to take the bus or train!


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