Reasons 78 and 79

The title of my last post reminded me that I actually have very little sense of style. I was blissfully unaware of this until I moved to New York City. Now every time I go out — shopping, to church, to the park — I am reminded that what I am wearing is fairly utilitarian and fairly un-fashionable. Most of my clothes I’ve acquired from people cleaning out their closets, from running races, or from the thrift store. It’s an eclectic mix, most of which I don’t really know how to wear, so I end up sporting the tried-and-true t-shirt and jeans combo 90% of the time. I’m fine with it, truly, because I like to be comfortable, and I can always pretend that being cheap is my way of being green. It goes over really well in this part of the world.

I should have been on the runway . . . .

And this brings me to Reason #78 that I love running. I can apply my same sense of fashion to my running clothes and it totally works. Because how many people go work-out clothes shopping the same way they go normal-clothes shopping? Okay, I really have no idea, but I’m will to bet very few. As much as Nike would like you to go in and look at their mannequins and say, “Yes, I must have all of those, now!” chances are, you probably only need a pair of shorts one time, a jacket another time, and during the in-between-time, the styles change. And so most people wear a mish-mash of styles and brands. They pay only passing attention to whether the colors actually go together. They are unafraid of using clothes they found in a freebie bin, or that they inherited from a roommate. That’s my kind of styling.

You probably can't tell from the awful cell phone picture, but this is me after a 4-mile race I did last winter. It was 14 degrees with the wind chill, fyi.

My own running wardrobe consists of a pink pair of Nike shorts I got at Ross 5 years ago, a navy and yellow running skirt Micah got me for Mother’s Day last year, some gray yoga pants I picked up at Wal-Mart nearly 6 years ago that are on the verge of being too big, a white Adidas shirt I got from the Ragnar Relay, a white Nike shirt I got from the Hampton’s Marathon, a gray Champion shirt from our Ragnar team, a black Champion tank top from Target, and a black Nike shirt from Filene’s Basement. I have a long-sleeved hooded shirt from my alma mater that I wear when it is chilly, and a jacket I got at Target when I was in high school for when it is downright cold. And then there’s the pair of leggings I got at a clothing swap that I have worn under my yoga pants, and even just under shorts, when it was well below freezing.

So, to tell the truth, I’m probably more fashionable when I’m running than when I’m not. And that is Reason #79 why I love it.

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  1. lizzie

    November 26th, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    So true. You never know when you get something new where it’s going to chafe and for how long. Hardly worth the risk.


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