Do you like to play team sports? I’m not sure if I do or not. I didn’t do it much as a kid, and even when I did it usually ended poorly. I’m pretty sure the most enjoyable part of any team sport I find myself involved in is the last minute or so when everyone is kind of tired, the outcome is often already decided, and the mood relaxes. It is then that I am able to say, “Gee, I really like this. Why don’t I do it more often?” Sometimes that feeling pervades the whole game and then, hooray, it’s awesome.

Take Saturday, for instance. We met a group from church for our normal game of pick-up Ultimate. It was probably one of the last games of the season. There wasn’t a big crowd, but the weather was perfect and Squish didn’t notice when I left him with another mom to join the game. We had a great time. No matter that my hands seemed to have holes in them, so mysteriously did the disc slip through them on multiple occasions. Or that I couldn’t get around an 8- (9?) year-old when she was guarding me (she’s got a wingspan of about 8 feet, just for the record). Or that half the group had never played before. I suppose that is why it was so fun for me. It’s a shame I couldn’t bottle up that relaxed feeling so I can take a swig of it next time around. I really like that feeling of being part of a team.

But being part of a team means that you have to rely on each other. It means when you mess up, it’s not just for yourself, it’s for everyone. It means you have to coordinate your movements and be aware of each other. It means you have to step up to the plate if someone else is having a bad day. And if you’re having a bad day, someone has to step up for you. These are all wonderful skills to have. In fact, I think they are skills I use every day while raising these two little menchildren and supporting (and being supported by) my husband. I guess that makes it a double shame that I’m not very good at being a team player. Especially because I’m such a key player on Team Heiselt.

Sigh. You know, when I started writing this post, that wasn’t where it was going at all. Strange how sometimes you tell yourself what you need to hear without expecting to.

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