Tomorrow, I Eat Cake

It’s been a month since I let myself indulge in sweets. Tomorrow I am going to enjoy some birthday cake and I’m not going to regret one bite. There are a few things I’ve learned from this experience that I’d like to share with you. That way if I ever think I need to do this again, you can stop me and remind me of all the reasons it is totally unnecessary. Hahaha.

First, I really like sweets. I’ve missed that part of my life. And it isn’t just the sweetness, it’s the social aspect of treats. Although I do eat sweets on my own sometimes when the boys are asleep, I enjoy them much more if I have someone to share them with. Micah and I often like to enjoy some cookies and ice cream or other deliciousness when he gets home from meetings late at night, and it has been kind of sad for me to not have that to look forward to and for us to enjoy together.

Second, sugar doesn’t effect my body very much. It doesn’t cause headaches, it doesn’t cause acne (my face cleared up a little bit, but nothing to get too excited about), it doesn’t drain me of energy or make my teeth more sensitive. I’ll be interested to see if I notice a difference when I start eating sweets again, because I didn’t notice too much of a difference going off of it.

Third, I enjoy baking sweets as much if not more than I enjoy eating sweets. I found myself making mental notes of new things to try when this month of no sweets was finished. I’m sure not more than a handful of them will actually get made — there are costs involved here — but that act of creating something has been something that I’ve craved. Of course, part of the appeal of baking is the anticipation of sharing those things with the people I love and enjoying them together. There were a few sad moments when Micah and Manchild were eating a dessert and Manchild asked why I wasn’t eating any or said he wanted to save some of it for me. I love sharing my efforts and creating memories of good times with sweet things. I think it is part of making our house a homey place to be.

But despite all of those things that I missed, I feel like I did what I came to do and that feels good. I reclaimed my self-control and was more aware about what I was eating and why I was eating it. I am a little concerned that even with Heather’s great suggestions for moving forward, I’ll go overboard. I mean, birthdays are occasions that last all day, right? So it’s okay if I have pie for breakfast, cookies for lunch, and cake for dinner — plus dessert. Okay, maybe not. One thing I have noticed the past few days is that if I take the time to eat my food slowly, chew it really well, savor the taste and feel, I’m less likely to need, or even want, more. If I do find that I am overeating sweets and losing my self-control again, maybe I just need to slow down and enjoy every bite as long as I can.

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to say hello. I feel you on the love for sweets. I love them for everything you mentioned above. I don’t know if I could give them up. Kudos to you for working to do so. I hope you enjoyed your piece of cake and happy bday to those in your family. My daughter’s 2nd birthday is today.


    lizzie Reply:

    Happy birthday to your daughter, Tina. Hope hers was better than Squish’s. And the cake was delicious. It feels good to be back amongst the sweets. 😉


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