The Time-Space Conundrum

Our plans for Saturday were totally thrown off. We wanted to take the Long Island Railroad to an apple orchard to pick apples. Manchild had been looking forward to it all week. And then we looked at the train schedule and found out that there would be no LIRR trains running in Brooklyn that day. At all. Apparently, it’s a once-every-16-years kind of a thing, so it’s not like we were totally off base to think that we could take a commuter train on a Saturday. But it kind of threw me for a loop. What could we do to fill the void? How would we appease the Manchild?

The better question would have been: How on earth did we think we were going to manage a trip to Long Island?

This is what happened: we slept in a bit on Saturday (all the way until 8:00), then took the boys in the stroller and ran to our church to help clean it. Then we ran to Trader Joe’s and did some shopping. Then we ran to Modell’s to look for some cleats for Micah for his birthday. Then we realized it was after 2:00 and we still needed to do laundry, make a Halloween costume, and I had to do some freelance work before we need to head to the Halloween party at 6:00. And when I got home and looked at our invitation again, I realized I needed to come up with some sort of treat to bring as well. Awesome.

So I did the laundry while Micah feverishly cut and sewed leaves for the costume (Manchild wanted to be a bush), I frantically tried to write copy for an hour (note: “frantic” and “write” are like “oil” and “water”) before giving it up, making some quick feta salsa, and saving Micah from the costume. We were out the door by 6:30 and I ended up stitching the costume together on the train while the Manchild was wearing it.

We came home to a lovely mess and “relaxed” on the couch. “Relaxed” meaning I finished my writing and Micah folded the laundry and made granola for breakfast this week. We were totally in bed by 2:00, I’m sure. Oh, and somewhere in there I lost my keys. Let me know if you find them.

So, again, I ask: How on earth did we think we were going to manage a trip to Long Island?

The odd thing is that both Micah and I thought the same thing the next day. “Won’t it be nice when we have a house and we won’t get into these time crunches anymore?” We’re both pretty sure that once we have a yard and another bathroom we’ll have plenty of time to plan parties and make elaborate, well-constructed costumes. We’ll never be rushing to get our children to bed at 10:00 at night. We can have leisurely dinners every night and plenty of time for family activities on the weekend.

It’s ridiculous. I know that. Micah knows that. After all, we’re still going to be us.

And the days are still going to be only 24 hours long.

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  1. Hahahahahaha. Sorry. Just the house = free time idea. In the past month… 1) Our basement flooded and we’ve had to tear everything out, put in sumps/drains, re-finish, 2) Our kitchen sink broke, 3) We’ve had 3 different sets of house guests…because we have the space, 4) We’ve had to re-wire the laundry room, 5) Our continual renovation projects (replacing a railing w/ a 1/2 wall, flipping a closet from one room to another, insulating the attic better, etc…)

    Admittedly, we love doing the renovations, but we have a lot of other things on our plates, too! We certainly have days we wish we were still in an apartment.


    lizzie Reply:

    Oh wow. That stinks. Homeownership definitely sounds awesome in theory, but probably not so much in practice. But I still hope to find out for myself one day if my theories are correct. 🙂


  2. no, its fact, once you get a house and a washer/dryer and backyard with garden, your life is suddenly amazing and you have time to do everything you always ever wanted to do at a most leisurely pace. Its fact….


    lizzie Reply:

    I believe you. My brain is seriously incapable of imagining having a yard and being rushed. It’s like the two cannot exist in the same place at the same time.


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