I Want to Be Fun When I Grow Up

Today we went to the zoo as part of my new plan to be more fun. Because I realized recently that I’m not fun. I’m not fun because I say no a lot (not always outloud) and I’m kind of a task-oriented person. I’m sure task-oriented people can be fun, but not if they are me, because not only am I task-oriented, I also say no a lot. And people who say no a lot are generally not fun.

No, we can’t go to the pool. No we can’t go cherry-picking. No we can’t come join you in the park for a picnic. I have a list of things to do and that isn’t on it. There are other things on my list that I am going to do. They are easier for me. They allow me to stay in my comfort zone. They make me feel accomplished when I go to bed at night. Plus, I don’t have to talk to people or chase my children around (as much) if I stick to the list.

But if I stick to the list I miss out on a lot of great opportunities. Like being a good friend. Like having good friends. Like saying yes and doing new things and having experiences that I really do want to have, but just can’t find the time because I have so many other things to do. So I’m tossing the list aside and focusing on relationships. I’m told it will make my life easier, more simple, more enjoyable. I’m all for that.

Saturday was my first day. The list could wait. People came first. So, although I had plenty to do, I went to play Ultimate (not enough people showed up so we didn’t play, but I still went). And we went for a long run as a family (up to 48th Street in Manhattan and back to Brooklyn — about 14 miles total). And we waited in line for pizza at Grimaldi’s. (Manchild filled his jar. It was a special occasion and deserved special pizza.) When the boys were in bed, I got out my list and took care of business quickly and efficiently. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. And so when we were asked on Sunday if we would go to the zoo with some friends today, although the list crossed my mind, I said yes.

We went and I’m glad we did. I took pictures of Manchild in his last-minute samurai costume and of “Mr. Camel” (aka Squish — Manchild is going through a phase . . . ) in front of the camels. I chased them around during our lunch break and made sure we saw the monkeys. We talked and played and missed naps and all sorts of other fun things.

I don’t think this makes me a fun person or anything, but maybe someday I will be.

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  1. Sounds super fun Lizzie. Good for you. Let’s meet at the zoo sometime– to-do list be darned 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    I’m game Kathleen. Just as soon as I get my cool culture pass . . . 🙂


  2. We are the same person. Even down to consciously trying to put away the “list” and focusing on relationships. Well, except for the fact that you are married and I’m not, and have two adorable children that I don’t. And you live in New York and I don’t. Hmm… but really, we need to talk about how we’re doing on being fun! 🙂


    lizzie Reply:

    Definitely. Let’s make a concerted effort by making lists of the fun things we should be doing. And maybe of the character traits we should be developing that will help us be fun people. I’m sure it will work. I have faith in lists. 😉


  3. I think you’re fun! 🙂 I just wish that you didn’t live a gazillion miles away and I wish that you were coming to visit soon and I wish that I were more fun and I bet if we lived closer to each other we could help each other be more fun. Don’t you think?


    lizzie Reply:

    I wish that, too. I’m sure your funness would rub off on me if you would just abandon Utah and come live in Crown Heights.


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