A Day Off with Martha

After days like yesterday and weeks like last week, it’s easy to whine about needing a break and about how moms never get vacation days, sick days, holidays. Every day is a work day, every hour is on the clock (even if it is unpaid). It’s pretty rare to be able to say, “I need a day off” and actually be able to take one. At least it is for me. And, boy howdy, was I feeling that need last night. I was too close to the situation. I needed to be able to step back a bit and see the big picture — or maybe look away for a few hours so I could come back with fresh eyes. And I think Manchild needed a break from me as well. For his own safety.

So when I walked out of the apartment at 11:00 this morning with no child holding my hand or acting as a major fashion accessory, I didn’t fret much. My sister was there and they would be fine. I had some time to be free from diaper bags and sippy cups and I was going to enjoy it. A friend and I hopped on a train to Manhattan and met some more friends from our church for a much anticipated opportunity to be part of the studio audience for The Martha Stewart Show. We were pretty giddy about it. About Martha, sure, but more about being able to talk to each other without being interrupted by little people pulling on our clothes, about not having to jump up from our seats every few minutes to chase down a runaway toddler. Bliss.

And we enjoyed the show. I was most excited by the easy last-minute Halloween costume she demonstrated*, and the bone-themed decor for the bone-themed show was amazing. The Mediterranean risotto is on my must-try list (I am developing a weakness for risott0). I walked out of the taping with a video game (it is useless since we don’t have Nintendo), a $20 gift certificate to a jewelry store, and, best of all, this little bone book and skeleton (which I’m pretty sure will become Manchild’s new obsession). Oh, and my emotional and mental stability. That too. I think I’m ready to go back to work now.

ps The episode airs tomorrow (the 29th). If you watch it, you might be able to see me in the audience. I was on the second row.

*Sorry, I wasn’t able to find links to the costume or the risotto. I’ll try again later and post the links.

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  1. How fun! Glad you got a break! And your hair looks so cute in that picture.


    lizzie Reply:

    Thanks! I was supposed to get my hair cut several weeks ago, but then everything went wrong and I had to reschedule, so I feel like it is so shaggy and messy. So it is great to hear that it isn’t as bad as I think it is. 🙂


  2. What a great day out! Yes, you deserved that break for sure. Let me know if your sister ever wants to come my way 🙂 Can’t wait to see Halloween pics of Squishy and Manchild.


    lizzie Reply:

    I’ll see if I can’t hook you up with the Abby-sitter. 🙂 And I can’t wait to share Halloween pics, either. Micah’s doing a great job on the costumes.


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