The Zigo Could Change Your Life. Or Not.

We went to MakerFaire on Saturday. I honestly don’t get very excited about anything in which grown people dress up in costumes purely for the spectacle of it, although I will grant you that there were a lot of cool things to see. I really liked these woodblock prints done by a husband-wife team and wished we could get this one for Manchild 2 for his birthday next month. The chariot race was . . . . interesting. And I did get some decent knitting patterns that I hope to one day put to use, probably soon after I learn to read a knitting pattern. However, when I saw the Zigo tent, I just about jumped out of my skirt with excitement. It’s a bike! It’s a jogging stroller! It’s a bike with a trailer/leader! It’ll set you back about $1500, but you could spend far more than that on a car. And this is so much more environmentally friendly.

Micah was confused as to why I thought this was such an awesome idea. We have a jogging stroller, why do we need another one? Of course it’s not so much the jogging stroller that excites me as the fact that it is so versatile. And that you can add multiple kid pods to the bike. One on front, one on back. Or two on back. Or three on back. We could make a train! His skepticism did make me think about how useful it would actually be. In my head, it would be awesome and somehow be like having a car without actually having a car. It would be less expensive, we wouldn’t have to worry about parking, gas, or insurance, but we could still travel together and still get our exercise. Plus, we’d be faster. I imagine Manchild 1 on a trail-a-long behind and Manchild 2 and the imaginary 3rd child in the kid pod in front. And when I drop M1 off at school, I lock up the bike and take the younger two out for a run. It almost makes the idea of having a 3rd child in the city seem manageable.

But then again, it isn’t a car. We’d still have to worry about getting hit by cars. Our range of travel wouldn’t expand too much, and we’d have to find places to lock it up wherever we went. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be in the city and I don’t know how useful it would be elsewhere. Certainly it would be fun to go on family bike rides, but would it be more than just a recreational toy? I’d like to think I’d use it to run errands, but I don’t know if it would end up being worth it to me. And I keep thinking that the kids are going to grow up so fast that we’ll hardly get a chance to use it before they are too big for it.

What do those of you who live in the suburbs think? Would you use something like this very often? Am I crazy for being so easily seduced?

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  1. Ok here is my two cents which is much cheeper than the bike.

    My concerns as a city bike is first storage. Bikes don’t like to be left outside and take up a lot of space inside. This is not an end all. We had a post that held three of our bikes vertcally in our apartment. We didn’t keep my bike in the city because I couldn’t get me, the two kids I would pull in the trailer, my bike, and the trailer down all my stairs to the street. Second concern: expensive bike needing to be locked up well when you go into the store. With the pod and bike, there is a lot for the chain to go through to make sure it was secure. My next concern is that in the city you aren’t suppose to ride on the sidewalks and riding on the street it scary. I did it once on husbands bike while we lived there and would be so nervous to do it with a kid in tow.

    Now for my suburb thoughts. Since the bike advertises itself as a recreational/city bike, I would wonder how it would handle hills. Esspesially when towing. Are there enough speeds to handle the ups and downs? Depending on where you live that can be a problem. I just took my two babies on a bike ride. While most of my ride was on the rail/trail, I had a nice steady incline it get there and even the bike trails and have a hard climb.

    If I was in the market for a bike and trailer to pull my little ones and cost wasn’t a concern, I probably would not go for the Zigo. Hope that gives you some food for thought.


    lizzie Reply:

    Storage would definitely be a concern in our apartment. We could probably mount it on the wall and we are now on the first floor, so that wouldn’t be too bad. I also wonder if I were to take the bike with the pod in front, and then use the pod as a stroller in the store, if the bike would be that tempting to thieves. It would only have one wheel, so I imagine it would get passed over. I am definitely nervous about riding on the street. With or without kids. You can get either a 3 speed or a 7 speed bike, so it could be okay getting up hills. It would be a workout, but so is pushing kids in the jogging stroller. I like that kind of added intensity.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. It definitely does give me some food for thought. It’d be nice to be able to try it out for a few weeks before buying it, just to see what it is like. Not that we really have the resources for such a thing at the moment . . . . 🙂


  2. We made this video to show how to lock and store a Zigo Leader in a city environment.

    Of course you could also lock up the ChildPod outside (less likely theft target) and bring in the 20″ bike easily into an apartment.

    Also, I live in the suburbs and find it quite useful for drop off at school, for shopping, and recreational riding.


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