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I’m not going to lie. The stroller is a beast to get around. We have a narrow hallway in our new apartment — too narrow for the SUV we wheel around to get through, which means we have to carry it down the hall and through the heavy doors before we can unfold it and put the menchildren in. We have some friends who had a side-by-side double stroller for a long time and I always wondered if it was worth the hassle. I secretly thought they were a little crazy and vowed we’d get a Phil&Ted when the time came. Double-decker kids are almost as cool as double-decker buses, right? But then we got the BOB and totally fell in love with it. When it was time to upgrade to the duallie, we didn’t give a thought to how wide it would be and what it would not allow us to do. Of course, it is a running stroller and not really meant for maneuvering through city streets or store doorways anyway, so I actually didn’t give a thought to the beastliness until I tried to get it through our new hallway and building doors by myself while holding Manchild 2. And then I thought, “Living on the first floor was supposed to make my life easier. Sigh.”

This evening as we were out for our run and Manchild 1 was singing his lungs out and Manchild 2 was sitting happily beside him, I thought of the reasons my friend gave for having the side-by-side. “We feel really strongly that it is our responsibility to foster a relationship between our girls,” she said. “I love that I can ask the older one to help her sister not be scared, or to hold her hand, or to give her a snack. And now that they are both talking, it’s much easier for them to talk to each other than if we had a different kind of stroller.”

I see the wisdom now. I, too, love being able to ask Manchild 1 to help his brother. And I love hearing them laugh together over nothing as we run down the road. Manchild 2 isn’t talking yet, but he’s starting to communicate with some signs and I’m sure it won’t be too long before they are amusing me with their playful banter. Definitely worth lugging that stroller down the hall and through the doors to hear the two of them make silly jokes and sing lovely duets. Definitely.

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  1. We have a(n ancient) hot-pink side-by-side double stroller, and recently also got a Phil and Ted’s double decker on Craig’s List. We love the side-by-side for exactly the reasons you mentioned – the interactions between our kids. But honestly, the Phil and Ted’s can’t be beat when we need to get into doorways or through tight places.


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