Running Clothes Stink

I know, big surprise. Running 5 miles in the hot sun will do that to a shirt. And shorts. And sports bra. And socks. Especially socks. Which is one reason I’m glad I don’t wear them any more. But, really, it’s what happens after the run that makes them stink even more in my opinion. I take them off to and hang them on the towel rack (or door knob or shower curtain rod or whatever) to let them dry out. Then what do I do with them? I’m going to need them again before laundry day, and it’s not like I have an endless supply of running clothes to wear until then. Even if I did have a week’s worth of running clothes, who wants to do that much laundry? Not I. And so the clothes sit on the towel rack. Until we need the towel rack. And then they get moved to the sink. Until we need the sink. And then they get moved to the shower curtain. They sometimes make it back to the bedroom, where they sometimes make it back to the drawer, but I always feel like my sweaty (but dry) clothes are contaminating the clean ones, so I don’t like to do that very often.

When we lived in Hawaii, we would hang the sweaty clothes on towel hooks in our windowless bathroom. They would not only never get dry, they would ripen. We tried to combat this with a bottle of Febreeze. But then we had to deal with the stink of Febreeze. It was an impossible situation. Impossible. Okay, that might be taking it too far. It was an annoying situation and I’m glad all of our bathrooms since then have at least had a small window to freshen up the running clothes a little bit. But I still don’t like having them hanging around all the time.

I’m pretty sure the running clothes conundrum is the only thing that I dislike about running. I just wish I had some good place to keep the sweaty clothes where they would be put away and aired out at the same time. Does such a thing exist and I don’t know about it? Should I just put a clothes line in our bedroom and hang our clothes on it as part of the decor? I’m clearly not afraid to display my dirty laundry on my blog, but in my home is an entirely different matter. How do you handle them?

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  1. This is my favorite post. I have a spot in the closet where I shove my running clothes after they have dried. I also worry about the stinky contamination issue, so I put them next to Erik’s sock bin which is far away from my stuff 🙂
    I have lots of running clothes, but only wear certain favorite pieces. i like seeing your photos that have the hamptons marathon shirt in them, it brings back good memories. it’s also one of my favorite running tees.


    lizzie Reply:

    Hmm . . . maybe a little basket in the closet is the way to go. I like it. And I’m glad you like this post.


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