Our Daily Run: A Photo Essay

We run the same route just about every day. True, our new route from our new apartment is different from our old route from our old apartment, but it’s still the same thing every day. And yet it’s awesome. I love it. Brooklyn has so much flavor and color. This doesn’t capture all the fun (and not so fun) things people say to us whenever we go out, but it does capture some of the strange, beautiful, cultural, incongruous, old-timey, down-home things that make up our neighborhood and our running route.

General Grant stands guard over the square.

Manchild 1 is quite confused about how to read this. "Wa Temple Singleton" or something like that.

I can't help but think of jazz and smoke-filled rooms whenever I see this place.

Is it just me, or is the right watermelon cracking a joke?

Grand Army Plaza

As with so many children's things, almost as creepy as it is colorful.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

So poetic. Or something.

Feels like graffiti, and yet so informational.

Brooklyn Museum of Art

We don't see the unicyclist every day, but there's always someone who captures our attention. Of course.

Sobering. Intriguing. Memorial? Advertisement?

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  1. Lizzie-
    Loved your photo essay. Of course, recognized many (but not) all of your sights. I miss seeing you around the hood. I’m sure our BOBs will cross paths soon; otherwise will see you when you smoke across the upcoming 5k finish line.


    lizzie Reply:

    Thanks Kathleen! I hope we do see each other at the race. I’ll definitely be looking for you.


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