Miles for Midwives is in 2.5 weeks. We’re on week 2 of our cram schedule: 2 (to 4?) easy runs and a fartlek workout. We were about halfway through Tuesday’s run when I remembered that we should be doing some speed intervals. We had just enough of the park-loop left to get our 3 5-minute fartleks in before we reached our exit, so it all worked out. And, wow, did we get our workout. Our competitive nature may have spurred us to greater speeds than normal. Remember the red hat guy from Monday? Well, Tuesday’s “red hat” was the blue shirt guy. He passed us soon after we entered the park, which got me to step it up a bit as I was pushing the stroller and setting the pace. We passed him, but then when we slowed down to set the timer for the fartlek, he passed us. And then we passed him, he passed us, you know the drill, etc.

The last fartlek coincided with The Hill (or Devestation Pass as I like to call it), and we passed our buddy for the last time before the first of our five minutes were up. Still, we didn’t want to give him the chance to catch up, so we ran harder. Micah was pushing the stroller (he’s racing with it this year since I raced with it last year), and I was trying my best not to let him beat me. It was hard. Very hard. And that’s when I decided to try my lungs. You know, call out a bit, maybe grunt a little. I have to say, I’m gaining a testimony of such things. Being able to, “Woo-yeah!” when I felt like I was giving it my all made me realize how much I still had left to give. It also made me smile and laugh, which makes everything a little bit easier. We made it to the top of the hill just as our time expired and ran a little more than 3/4 of a mile during each of our 5 minute fartleks.

Oh, and I’m still feeling it today — that’s the mark of a good workout. Mission accomplished.

PS If you are interested in cramming for a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or marathon, go here for training schedules from Runner’s World.

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