We drive a BOB Ironman. That is our car, for all intents and purposes. It is a bright yellow, two-seated, three-wheeler with a basket on the bottom, a hand brake, and a leash. Manchild 1 used to call it “the yellow-car taxi stroller” which is still an apt description, even if he did grow out of the “I see a yellow car taxi!” phase of his life a while ago. In NYC strollers are used as though they were cars since driving can be a pain, public transportation is easily accessible, and a car simply isn’t as necessary as it is in other places. But there are times when a car does come in handy. In those times, some people actually call a car service. Not us. Unless it is snowing, we have a very sick child, and/or I am going to give birth, we generally feel no need to call a car. We can get just about any place with just about anything using the stroller. We’ve transported a birthday party (food, favors, balloons, drinks, tablecloth, cake, etc.) from our place to the park using the stroller. We’ve used it to haul home a bookcase that we found on the side of the road (where it has since been refurbished and put to use). We’ve used it, most recently, to run to the beach, 12 miles from home, with our beach blanket, water, food and other necessities (and then took the train back).

The stroller we have now, a double, is our second. We got the first model in April 2008. Manchild 1 had just turned one and we decided to train for the Hamptons Marathon. The only way it could be done, we thought, was if we took the boy with us on our training runs. We spent an inordinate amount of time on joggingstroller.com reading reviews and figuring out what we needed in a jogging stroller. We settled on the BOB Ironman because we didn’t need a stroller for anything but running. It has a fixed front wheel, which means it doesn’t wobble as we run (but it is a pain to go shopping with), the safety leash is long and doubles as a locking mechanism (although it took us until we got the double to realize how it worked — and it works really well), it folds up nicely, and the sunshades over the seats are large — so large that we’ve never bought a rain guard. As long as we have blankets to put on the boys’ legs, we don’t worry about them getting too wet. We liked the single so much that as soon as Manchild 2 was big enough, and the weather was nice enough, we sold it and got the double, which has served us just as well and taken us all on some pretty amazing runs — to the beach, up the West Side Highway, to the Williamsburg Bridge, to name a few. I imagine it will be a part of our lives for a long, long time and that when the time comes that it is no longer needed, I’ll have a hard time parting ways with our yellow car taxi stroller.

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