An Acute Case of Mom Brain


  • calling your siblings by your children’s names
  • calling your children by your sibling’s names
  • strong desire to do everything by yourself (possibly caught from the two-year-old in your life)
  • losing your train of thought frequently
  • using sound effects for everything
  • confusing dates, ages, time periods, and numbers in general
  • jumping randomly from task to task
  • inability to fall asleep or stay awake
  • complete obliviousness to your own children’s cries
  • intense chocolate cravings
  • surprising moments of clarity and productivity
  • randomly breaking into song (most commonly “Mr. Golden Sun,” “Row Row Row Your Boat,” or “Hello, Everybody, We’re so Glad to See You”)

Methods of Treatment:

  • several hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • several hours of quiet time, out of both visual and audio range of children, possibly with a crossword puzzle, a good book, or a crafting project
  • conversation with other adults

What did I miss? Any symptoms or treatments you know of that I don’t? Or that I just can’t think of because, well, let’s be honest here, I’ve got a pretty hopeless case of it right now.

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  1. And, forgetting the names of simple objects. “Hey, Jordan, can you pick up that…oh, um, that THING over there! You know!”
    And, sometimes being so hungry and busy that you just grab something (anything) that’s edible.


    lizzie Reply:

    You are so right, Misty. Like how I just slathered pb and j on half a pita and stuffed it in my mouth. 🙂
    And YES! That thing. I’m pointing to it. It’s, um. What is it? Oh, a wooden spoon. Yes, I need that.


  2. HAHAHA! So true. My husband is sick of the “I’m pointing in its general direction while gesturing wildly and oh for pete’s sake why can’t you read my mind” act


    lizzie Reply:

    But I love that game! And then I realize that if I stop, take a breath and actually focus on one thing for 2-3 seconds, I can usually pull through. But the gesturing game is so much fun that sometimes I think it’s worth it just to keep trying to do 7 things at once. 🙂


  3. lizzie

    August 23rd, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    It takes a quick thinking mom to do that. I remember watching one of my friends put her hand out to catch some vomit before it hit the rug and being amazed that it was her first instinct. I was a fairly new mom at the time and it hadn’t become second nature to me yet. I definitely count it as a victory to rescue the carpet from that fate. 🙂


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