9:30 or Bust

My schedule used to go something like this: Wake up. Eat breakfast. Turn on computer. Take shower. Get dressed. Check e-mail. Check blogs. Check the news. Do hair. Dress the menchildren. Check e-mail. Check blogs. Check the news. Wonder how it got to be 11:00 and we’re not out the door yet.

Something had to change. Mostly likely the menchildren needed to learn how to dress themselves. Sadly, Manchild 2 isn’t tall enough to reach the drawers with his clothes and Manchild 1 tends to get his undies in a twist whenever he tries to get them on himself. I needed to find a different tactic. Hmm . . . the computer seemed to be sucking up some time here and there, but wouldn’t the world explode if I didn’t get one of those super-urgent, ultra-important e-mails informing me of a job opportunity in Beirut, or inviting us to a playdate at the park at the end of the week?

It turns out that, no, the world will not explode. In fact, it turns out that I don’t actually get any important, urgent e-mails. Nor are there any blog posts in this entire world that require my attention first thing in the morning. And the news, no matter how earth-changing manages to remain relatively unchanged whether it is read at 8:30 in the morning or 2:30 in the afternoon. I was actually happy to find this out because it frees up my very important time, which is actually in high demand by two of the handsomest (very) young men I’ve ever seen. I no longer turn the computer on until after noon. This has made it not only possible but actually fairly easy for us to get out the door by 9:30 when we need to run errands and play outside when we want to and it gives us plenty of time to play and read stories without distractions when we don’t. Magic!

And then when I turn on the computer, I am able to be efficient and focused in my blogging, e-mailing, surfing, whatever. I certainly don’t miss the time I spend sitting at the computer and I feel a lot more refreshed and centered the rest of the day. Will I ever cease to be amazed at how susceptible I am to the lure of the internet or how lovely it feels to be free of it? What about you? Do you have any magic tricks to make your life run more smoothly?

We saw this very hungry caterpillar on the way to the train from the beach on Saturday. Unfortunately the boys were asleep so I had to take a million pictures of it so I could show it to them when we got home.

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  1. I read somewhere a couple years ago that you should never check your email before noon…. I think that notion is totally in line with what you are describing. The internet, as wonderful as it is, can suck you in and make you entirely unproductive without even realizing it. Since my job for the last year and a half is a sit at home and stare at the computer kind of job, I have found that I have to make a list of things that I want to get done or my brain becomes mush. I look forward to the day I can follow that advice I read about not checking email til noon…sounds dreamy. 🙂


  2. lizzie

    August 18th, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    I really like the idea of spending a few minutes in the morning making a list of what I need to accomplish on the computer that day. Often I will have a specific purpose when I get on, but I forget what it is and end up spending lots of time doing nothing before I remember what it is that I originally came there for. Either that or I keep going back because I’ll remember something I meant to do. If I were able to make a list to remind myself what I’m doing I could save myself all that frantic nothing-time. 🙂


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