Race Review: Dash for Donation Half-Marathon

Well, that was a good run. Good in a lot of ways. The weather could hardly have been better. It was 65 degrees as we drove down to Columbus and didn’t heat up too much before we crossed the finish line. The sky was beautiful. There weren’t a lot of runners (at least for the half-marathon). We ran along the river for part of the time. It was a double-loop course, and the second time around was so much faster than the first. Okay, maybe we weren’t going faster, but it felt faster since we had been there before, knew where we were going, and knew how much farther we had to go. It wasn’t too hilly, but there were some hills. There were plenty of aid stations and lots of nice volunteers to make sure you went the right way. And can I just say that I really enjoyed the random bag-piper 3 miles in? But I digress. There was also had a 5K, a family fun 1K (which Manchild 1 and Grandma participated in while Manchild 2 slept in the stroller), and a 100-yard dash for kids to run with some of the local mascots (Brutus the Buckeye and others).

And then there was the cause: organ donation. Not something I think very much about, but clearly very important. It made me think about the different ways people are effected by organ donation: as living donors, recipients, families of deceased donors. Even though I haven’t been close to anyone who has donated or needed a donation, I really enjoyed seeing all of these people who had been on one side or another come together.

My one complaint about the race in general is that they didn’t have a clock at the end. And I can’t believe they didn’t have the results posted by this afternoon, which is what they were broadcasting at the finish line. I really want to know exactly how well I did and right now I can only guess. Which brings me to one nice feature of the course: the turn-around point. It was between miles 4 and 5 and also near mile 11 (because it was a double-loop). This was really nice because it allowed us to see who was ahead of us. The first time around the loop there were 6 women ahead of me, as far as I could tell. Micah decided he wanted me to be in the top 5. (Did I mention this was a very small race? Less than 400 runners.) So we pushed ourselves and the second time around there were 4 or 5 women ahead of me. We passed one lady half way through the last mile, so I think I made it into the top 5 women. But we don’t officially know because they haven’t posted the results yet. And because they didn’t have a clock at the finish line, we don’t know our time. We are pretty sure we came in before the 1:40 mark, so we pretty well shattered our goal of 1:45, but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow or the next day. Or whenever they decide to post the results.

As races go, I really enjoyed the half-marathon distance. It was long enough to be long, but not so long that I got cranky about it, like I have in the marathon. I’d never done one before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I think our training prepared us well. It seems like a distance I could handle doing a couple of times a year — not like a marathon, which (like childbirth) is more of an every-other-year-or-two (or three) kind of thing. It takes me a little while to forget the pain and wonder why I wanted to put myself through it in the first place. Not so with the half. It was hard and it pushed me, but wasn’t so painful that I’ll be sore for the next week. At least I hope not.

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  1. Ooh, make sure you post how you did! I’ve been wondering myself.


  2. 1. you guys are fast
    2. you guys are quick
    3. I love that Micah wanted you to finish in the top five, for some reason I think its funny.


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