Race Results and a Pretty Flower to Look At

It would have been a lot more exciting if the Dash for Donation had just had a clock. But they didn’t. So we spent most of Saturday afternoon refreshing the race results page and invariably ending up disappointed. It wasn’t until after 10:00 that night, after I’d posted about the race, that they finally had the results up. And even then they made no sense. I would tell you what I mean, but I couldn’t really figure it out. The numbers were wrong. It had us finishing in 23 hours or something like that. We had no idea.

And then, magically, we refreshed one more time and the numbers made sense. At least they were understandable. They are still a little bit messed up, because, as far as I know, nobody has ever finished a 13.1 mile race in 23 minutes. We’re pretty sure they have several 5K results mixed in with the half-marathon times, but that’s beside the point. The point is that if there had been a race clock, we would have been thrilled, ecstatic, shocked, and amazed that we finished the race in 1:36:05. I was prepared to be blown away by a 1:38. I had no idea I could put together 13.1 7:20 miles. But they didn’t have a clock, and by the time we finally found out our results we were tired and a little bit frustrated. So, basically, all of our excitement about our accomplishment was killed by the wait time. Unfortunate.

The women’s top 10 list still includes 8 runners who have sub-50 minute times, so I’m pretty sure they are 5K runners. Based on our sophisticated counting methods, I was indeed the 5th woman to finish. And 4th in my age group. Micah was 6th in his age group and the 26 man overall.

And that is that. Can’t wait for the next half-marathon. Hope it has a race clock.

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  1. Congratulations! That is a fantastic time! Wish it hadn’t taken you so long to get it so you could be more excited, but that is seriously awesome. I think I got a 1:39 in the one half I’ve run, and that was when I was in my best shape, so I’m pretty impressed with what you pulled off. Good work!


  2. Oh my! You should still be ecstatic! Congrats!


  3. That is amazing! I love that you’re the fastest mother of two that I know!


  4. Awesome! But total bummer for the lack of organization on their part. Great job!


  5. lizzie

    July 12th, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Thanks, Ladies. We definitely are still excited about it. I think part of me just doesn’t quite believe it because of the distance between the end of the race and the results being posted. I just hope I can do it again sometime.


  6. Congratulations! That’s amazing!


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