It’s true that I’ve only been a subscriber for 6 months. It is also true that I haven’t read all the way through every single issue (because what kind of a mom has the time to sit down and read every article in every magazine she subscribes to?). But I have to say that they run a tight ship over at Runner’s World and I am continually impressed with it. Consider this my endorsement. In fact, consider me a fan. I’ll rave about it if you want me to.

The thing about Runner’s World is that it is completely accessible. The most recent issue has tips for running your first 5K. It also has tips for breaking time barriers for your next marathon. I read the articles with complete interest and gained new insights from both. I laughed at the Newbie Chronicles because I totally relate. I made the “fried” chicken for dinner this week. And every month has been equally motivating. Perhaps it is because I’ve been running the same since I started running. Perhaps it is because I finally feel like maybe I am a “real” runner. And perhaps it is just because I like magazines, but Runner’s World is quickly becoming part of my personal canon.

I should probably pause a moment to say that I don’t find everything in the magazine invigorating and inspiring. There was that article about organic foods that one time that felt like a paid advertisement. And I have noticed a few contradictions here and there. But I will say that, overall, I am totally impressed by their ability to keep running fresh and exciting for me. I warn  you that I will probably refer to Runner’s World frequently in the pixels of this blog. I will try their core strengthening workouts, I’ll make their recipes, I’ll laugh with the Newbie and I’ll compete with the veterans (from a comfortable distance of course) (which means I will most likely lose). And I’ll report back to you.

Just thought you should know.

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